How to Brighten Up Your Kitchen with Wall Decal Stickers

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Using Wall Decals to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

We spend a lot of time in our kitchen. It is the heart of our homes; the space where we prepare and serve up meals to nourish ourselves and our family. Whether you consider yourself to be a Masterchef or a reluctant chef, kitchens are a buzzing central hub. It is often where you wash the dishes and do everyday activities, such as wrapping presents, sorting mail, arts and crafts, and make your morning coffee! How you feel in the kitchen can make a big difference to your day, your mood, and your outlook. 

You can brighten up your kitchen, or update its style without needing to commit to a full-blown renovation. Wall decals have progressed from simple small-scale word quotations and the silhouettes of birds and trees to large-scale sophisticated versions, embraced by renovators and interior designers alike. A large-scale wall decal can instantly add a touch of drama and sophistication to your kitchen design. 

If you want to brighten up your kitchen with wall decal stickers, read on for design options that we love.

1) Whole Wall Decal

A whole wall decal can add character, texture and sophistication to your kitchen. It is a simple, no-fuss way to present a feature wall without the long-term commitment. Your visitors will hardly be able to tell that it is a giant wall sticker. A white brick, grey stone or terrazzo feature are popular textural choices for kitchen wall decals. A solid colour wallpaper in a complementary colour can also instantly lift the mood.

2) Horizontal Stripe Decals

If your kitchen is of a smaller size, horizontal stripes are a good choice. Bold cabana stripes or chevron can achieve a room widening effect as well as add a pop of colour. Black and white stripes can also be a bold choice for a minimalistic kitchen.

stripedwallwallpaper decal
Photo Credit: Accentuwall

3) Backsplash Decals

A kitchen tiles backsplash decal can give the illusion of real splashback tiles. The stickers can be washed and are removable and easy to apply. These traditional spanish tiles kitchen wall decals work well to brighten a white/cream kitchen wall.

tiledkitchensplashback wall decal
Photo Credit: HomeArt Stickers

4) Lighthearted Texts and Quotes

Some people shy away from wall decal designs depicting jokes and quotes because it can easily look dated or overdone. If you’re thoughtful about its design, words can be a great way to inject some personality into your home. It also makes for a great conversation starter for those you invite into your sanctuary. 

These are a few fun decals that are bound to add a touch of personality and fun to that bare wall!

5) Chalkboard Decal

A chalkboard wall decal is both functional and playful, particularly for the kitchen. Place it on the fridge, pantry or kitchen wall for writing your shopping list or memos.  Pick one that fits in with the aesthetics of your current kitchen.  We particularly love this elegant, unassuming teapot silhouette that is versatile and easy to style.

6) DIY

If nothing in the marketplace suits, you can custom make your own wall decal. Simply search “custom make wall decals and your residential city” to find a supplier near you. Wall Art Canvas prints are another option you can explore if you wish to opt for a more formal option.

Get creative, have some fun and liven up the central hub of your home!  It’s a great way to play around with the interior design of your space, without the cost and commitment of a renovation. PS. You might also be interested in: Five Simple Ideas to Updating Your Kitchen this Spring and How to Put Wall Decals Up – Step by Step Guide as the follow-up to this blog!

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