Five Simple Ideas to Updating Your Kitchen This Spring

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“Spring. A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”

This is one of my favourite quotes about this gorgeous new season. As much as I wish that we can leapfrog from Winter right into Summer, I love Spring for its magical traits. The season conjures up a deeply felt sense of gratitude and joy when I see flowers blooming, and the sprouting of new leaves upon a Winter barren branch. Spring brings about a much-anticipated air of newness, it energizes the spirit and ignites the soul.

This is also the season where many of us look to sprucing things up about the house to strip away what’s left of those Wintry blues. Blankets are replaced with light throws; our shoulders are now adorned with blossom coloured cardigans in the place of heavy coats, and the dark now infused with all things light, bright and fresh.

If you’re looking to add some Spring magic into your heart of the home, read on as I have 5 simple yet gorgeous ideas to given that kitchen a little update. And the best part? There’re no renovation tools required.

A Touch of Lush

I’ve been loving my indoor plants which have miraculously survived the Winter and because of that, I’m no longer known as the ‘Plant Killer’ by my loving husband. I was never able to successfully keep a plant alive until now. It all boils down to getting the right indoor plants. You’ll want something hardy and low maintenance. I have a Calathea (picture below) that’s growing very nicely, and its foliage is to die for. Each leaf unfurls to reveal a distinctive pattern making it a gorgeous plant to spruce up a kitchen benchtop or on an open shelf.

A little pot plant does so much to invigorate the kitchen space, whether you choose to place it by the window or on your countertop. Indoor plants need little sunlight and are generally low maintenance. Place them by a window or for an hour or two outside in the garden or balcony so that they get their dose of Vitamin D. Add a little water every day, and you’ll be rewarded with a lush of green in the kitchen.

Tip: have a feel the soil if you’re not sure if your plant is having enough water. If it’s dry then it’s give your green friend a little water. Keep the soil damp but not soaking wet.

Channel Your Inner Marie Kondo

Oh how I love decluttering! It really gives me those little sparks of joy. Perhaps it’s all of that fresh Spring air that gets me buzzing around the home, getting rid of stuff that isn’t needed. Decluttering also clears out any stagnant energy to bring about new energy for new beginnings.

The trick to decluttering is to take on one section of the kitchen at a time. Don’t attempt to do it all in one afternoon as that’s a sure-fire way to get you quitting before you even start. I would start with the pantry, removing everything onto the kitchen counter or on the floor.

Have a big rubbish bag ready next to you so it’s easy to just get rid of things without having to wrestle your way through to the bin. Get hold of a few baskets/containers/jars that you can use to categorise and store things. I like labelling my jars and bottles with chalkboard labels so that I can reuse them too. This is also the perfect opportunity to give your shelves a good wipe down before you start placing your nicely organised items back.

Add Some Colour and Personality

Done the right way, colour does wonders to refresh a space. If you’re going for gold, create a bold statement wall using wall paper that would complement your kitchen furniture. Or if you want something less permanent, wall decals are a great way to add a a statement without needing to worry about a new paint job.

You could also raid Nan’s chinaware cupboard for some beautiful dinner plates to put up on the wall using plate hangers. Framed or canvas artworks are always popular but you don’t need a Picasso on the wall to make it worthwhile. Create something with the kids, or DIY with a canvas and some paints and you’ll have your very own work of art to admire for years to come.

Invest In Something New

With Spring, comes new beginnings and with new beginnings, come new things too! This is the best time to revisit those Pinterest boards and get inspired to invigorate the kitchen. Whether it’s a delicious set of dinner plates, a brand new set of designer glassware, sparkly new cutlery or a vibrant, botanical inspired set of tea towels, choose something that suits your style and personality. Soon, you’ll be dishing your Spring-inspired salads and dishes up Martha Stewart-style.

A New Rug

I love a great rug. A rug can really make a break a room. And in the case of the kitchen, a good rug is functional as well as adding to the aesthetics of the space. A kitchen rug protects the flooring from spills and messes which helps to alleviate the effort in cleaning up.

Flat weave rugs are generally best for kitchens as they are easier to clean than higher pile rugs. Rugs made from polypropylene are a great as the fibres won’t absorb spills. Smaller rugs such as a cotton one can be great for fitting into the washing machine. Natural fibre material like sisal or jute are durable and can be spot-cleaned, but requires more care than a polypropylene rug. Make sure that you’re familiar with the care instructions before investing in a rug.

And there you have it! Sprucing up a kitchen doesn’t need to involve breaking down walls, stressful or expensive. All you need to do is to spin up a little creativity, be resourceful with what you already have and most importantly, have fun whilst you’re doing it.

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