How to Put Wall Decals Up – A Step by Step Guide

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Putting Up A Wall Decal

If you have been inspired to brighten up or change the mood of your home with the use of a wall decal, here’s a simple step by step guide on how to put up wall decals. 

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  1. Prepare Your Walls

Make sure your walls are clean and dry.  Remove any dust particles, bluetack, hooks and fixtures that may prevent a smooth finish. 

Painted surfaces should have an undercoat and two top coats.

Newly painted walls need a minimum of 6 – 8 weeks wait time before application.

Wall decals are not recommended for textured or rough surfaces or paints that are wash and wear, suede or have a silicone base. 


  1. Prepare the Wall Decal

Lay the sheet with the design (wall decal) on a flat surface, white backing side up.  Apply the transfer sheet (separate white sheet) to the wall decal.  Once you have covered the whole wall decal with the transfer sheet, press down firmly using a squeegee or similar (plastic card).   

  1. Plan the Layout

Play your layout by arranging them on your surface using masking tape until you are happy with your design.  If you have several wall decals as part of your design, you may wish to cut roughly around the individual graphics to help with the arranging. 

  1. Apply the Decal

Position the self-adhesive side of the sticker so that it is facing you with the transfer sheet facing towards the surface.  Start from the top corner and gently roll off the white backing from the transfer sheet.  Make sure that none of the sticker pieces is left on the backing paper.  If it does, roll back a bit and re-press the decal onto the transfer tape.

Smooth the decal onto the wall using an even, firm pressure using a squeegee to avoid bubbles.

If you are applying a larger decal, you may wish to peel the backing from the transfer sheet 15cm or so, and apply to the wall before pulling the remaining backing paper away and the sticker is fully applied.    

Hint: bigger word decals can be cut into lines so that you apply the wall decal one at a time instead of attempting it all in one go. 

Relax and have some fun.  Don’t be intimidated, wall decals are basically large wall stickers. It is a fun way to update your space without having to make a long-term commitment.

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