The Best Food Experiences Are Created In The Home


Welcome to home cook love. A beautiful platform where we create beautiful mealtime memories. With a lovingly curated collection of beautifully designed and lovingly crafted creations for the stove to dining table, it’s a showcase of our love for food and how it can be wondrously experienced every day.

“I love to cook and entertain with friends and family! home cook love is full of inspiration and beautiful products to make any dinner party perfect.” – Nicole S.

Hello! I’m Ali Wong, avid seeker of food experiences, kitchen wizard, interior design geek, tea snob, nature lover and founder of home cook love. I’m also a true-to-life mumma of two beautiful little ladies, and wife to my best friend. Home cook love was born out of my burning desire to make mealtimes at home beautiful and memorable. I was tired of the drab tableware that did no favours to lovingly home cooked meals, and made it my personal mission to jazz things up in the everyday kitchen. Gorgeous tableware shouldn’t be bound to restaurants, it should be accessible to everyone’s kitchen. Dining tables should be made beautiful, everywhere.


Uniquely designed and lovingly crafted.


All of the items featured on home cook love have been carefully curated to fit a special bill. Our creators give their creations extraordinary attention to detail at every production level. From the beginning through to the finish, every piece is born out of its creator’s love and passion. All of home cook love’s creators share in my mission of making mealtimes beautiful, and do this through their desire for their craft.

Time isn’t always on our side in this fast-paced world of ours to wander through the shops, or endless searches on the Net, so we’ve got you covered. Scouring Australia and all corners of the world, cherry picking the best, home cook love features a delightful collection of tableware, glassware, napery, dinnerware and kitchen accessories to inspire creativity, create warmth and channel that inner kitchen wizardry.

“Absolutely love this superbly designed product [Shervin Verkil ‘Beauty’ 40 piece cutlery set’]. As it says “inspirationally beautiful”. I have purchased more than one of these cutlery sets as wedding gifts. Efficient packaging and delivery – Robyn.”

If you’re ready to jazz up that dining table, and create the best food experiences in your home, take a wander through our collection to find the pieces to fall in love with.

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