We present a curated selection of beautifully designed and exceptionally crafted products for the kitchen to the table.

From the glorious aromas that waft up to your noses, to tantalising creations that satisfy the fussiest of taste buds, to vibrant presentations, the best food experiences are multi-sensory.

Welcome to home cook love where we dedicate ourselves to curating an extraordinary collection of beautifully designed and exceptionally crafted products from the kitchen to table.

Hi, I’m Ali Wong and home cook love is my business lovechild. I’m also a true-to-life mumma of two beautiful little ladies, and wife to my longest and best friend. You can usually find me with a tea in one hand, pram pushing with the other, and keeping an eye out on a zealous 5-year old (she adores markets just like mummy) whilst I take a slow browse through local food and craft markets.

I founded home cook love out of my curiosity and passion for ceramics and handcrafted, pretty things for the home, and least to say, my love for food! My addiction to craft markets had me thinking of a way that I could share these beautiful creations with people just like me (you!). home cook love was designed to be that virtual marketplace where you could leisurely browse, discover wonderful creations, bring them home for bragging rights and feel that warmth in your heart whenever you use them. You know those conversations that you start with stall owners, why they do what they do etc? Well, I’ve emulated that to the best of my ability by bringing their stories to you in our ‘Meet our Creators’ page, and to continue sharing their personal journeys with you through my blog and social content.

It’s my hope that you’ll enjoy your shopping experience with home cook love, uncovering that special piece and getting to know the talented creators that are behind each and every creation. I know that they’ll bring you as much joy as it was for us bringing them to you.

If there’s something that I can help you out with in making your experience with us more enjoyable and gratifying, do send me a note at alicent@homecooklove.com. I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Shopping!

Ali sign-off

~For my late Gran~

Who taught me how to live and love life.