Just A Little Of That Human Touch.


The Best Craftsmanship.

In our fast-paced world of today, it’s warming to know that there are talented people out there who’s passion lies in the beauty of craftsmanship. From handmade dinnerware to napery to kitchen accessories, all creations you find here are handcrafted, or have originated from a place of the best craftsmanship. You’re bringing home a piece of ‘something special’ as you’re buying from someone who’ve put their heart and soul into creating these extraordinary items.

Stories That Span The Continents.

When you bring home one of these beautiful creations, you’re also bringing home a lovely story worthy of a conversation around the dinner table. Originating from diverse backgrounds spanning the continents, each one of our creators have an amazing back story to share; how they came about their craft, what drives them and their inspiring purpose behind each of their amazing businesses. And you’re at the centre of all of that energy and passion for their craft. Meet our creators below, and read their stories as we feature them in our  upcoming blog series ‘The Maker’s Workshop’.

“Magic In The Making”

Anna and her partner, Vasily have been together since they were 18 years old. Anna decided one day to discover glass and moved to Tournon in the South of France. Living there for two years, she learned the art of silver coating, glass engraving and the secrets of the Venetian mirror making.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Vasily was living in Boston where he was studying Art History and Philosophy, holding a Masters’ degree in Byzantine glass. They got married in Cambridge’s Town Hall on a sunny day in August and stayed four years in the US.
Upon their return to Europe, Anna worked for two years in various workshops and glass schools where she learned to love and appreciate glass in all its forms and to work with it in every possible way (casting, blowing, pate de verre, etc).
Eight years later, in 1992, nostalgia brought them back to the Mediterranean; to Thessaloniki, Greece. They were only 26 years old and they started small, with a day’s production being merely 4 pieces.⠀

Since 1999, her company has been working with major Hotels and Restaurants all around the world, collaborating with a heaven of fine dining industry stars (such as Gordon Ramsay and Alain Ducasse), gaining experience and earning a reputation in the art of fashioning a bespoke “gift box” for a meal.⠀

Anna’s objects create the magic touches that make a house, a home: It’s Magic in the Making. Under he guidance, heart and passion is poured into handcrafting home accessories that turn every occasion into a special occasion. With hand-polished bronze alloys and meticulously crafted glass, her stunning pieces are trusted by 3,000 hotels worldwide in some of the most demanding environments.

Her products are sturdy and durable, chip-resistant and stackable, and most of all they are exquisitely unique. All of Anna’s designs are manufactured exclusively with colours that are lead and cadmium free.

Les Couteaux De Table

Meet the creators of the amazingly beautiful Deejo knives, Luc Foin and Stéphane Lebeau. Their desire to (re)kindle the pleasure of having a knife in your pocket when you need one has led to the lightest, most elegantly designed knife in decades. “When we invented an ultra-light pocket knife weighing little more than a letter in 2010, we had no idea it would be such a hit. Our knife was originally designed for Baladeo and geared to the hiking enthusiasts that have trusted us for over 20 years. Aside from our traditional clients, though, we’ve noticed that other people, all over the world, like our knife and use it on a daily basis. We’re stoked, and want to make the pocket knife a new (or revisited) every-day basic for as many people as possible. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
From there, the natural progression was to see a Deejo table knife in the same design as the Deejo pocket knife but with more accent on elegance. Today we see Deejo take to the table all over the world with beautiful design complete with olive wood timber handle sourced from the Spanish olive farms. The pleasure of using a razor sharp table knife that slices your steak as if it were butter is to behold Deejo.⠀

Making Meal Times Fun Again

Meet Sharon, founder and creative director of Emondo Kids. Italian by birth and having made Australia her home, Sharon is a passionate mama to 3 year old Ellory whom she calls her muse.

Tired of the constant battles, meal time tantrums and stress, Sharon decide that there must be a better way. She then founded the beautiful and fun range of kids bamboo dinnerware, Emondo Kids. This lively and engaging range of plates and bowls encouraged a healthy relationship with food, creativity and fun for both kids and their parents.

Uniquely Elegant

Fansee started out small, with what you can see on your dining table: dinnerware, cutlery, glassware, vases and scented candles. They work exclusively with designers and craftsmen, selecting only the best artisan pieces that live up to their best expectations for their customers. Fansee aspires to cultivate love by recognizing our unique lifestyles, uplift our spirits by integrating elegance into our daily routines, and enhance trust by providing products of exceptional quality.

Handcrafted Detail In Every Creation

Meet Parveen, our lovely and talented creator of Lush For Life. Lush for life is an emerging Australian handmade ceramics range designed for everyday use. Based in Adelaide, Parveen and Yvonne believe that items of beauty and functionality heightens the pleasure of use when dining with loved ones. Each creation is individually created hand-thrown porcelain and hand painted with thought and care at every stage of production. Each product is unique and individual, bearing the maker’s mark.

Magical Inventions For A Simpler Life

Magical inventions from Finland that were created to solve pesky everyday problems and make life simpler, easier. From humble beginnings to award winning creations, founders Juhani and Anssi knew they had found their niche: design that’s both breathtakingly beautiful and delightfully problem-solving.

Beauty Meets A Love For Mother Earth

I have always had an appreciation for all things bohemian styled decor as well the environment so I thought I would intertwine the two somehow and create an earth loving boho-chic label. My brand, Gypsycat Designs is based around uique, sustainable and quirky home pieces all made with love by hand to ensure quality and uniqueness with every single piece.


Self-Discipline Meets Passion And Charm

Sally married a farmer and gave up on potting to raise a family, help on the farm and manage the farm’s bookwork. When she decided to return to her potting career, it surprised her how long it ook to get started again. “You have dreams but it takes quite a lot of determination to put them into practice.”

Sally wanted to work exclusively in Southern Ice Porcelain but it demands a high degree of self-discipline. It is regarded as one of the world’s best porcelains. It is pure white, with a fine texture and superb translucency. When she first saw a blue celadon glaze, its beauty took her breath away. Blue celadon is a pale turquoise or greenish-blue colour. People don’t give their recipes away so Sally spent 12 months developing and trialling to produce her own glaze she calls blue celadon. Sally has since achieved wonders. In 2010 famous Sydney restauranteur, Tony Bilson, commissioned Sally to make a range of celadon glazed porcelain plates and casseroles for his restaurant.

A Desire Fulfilled

Meet Murray, our delightful seller and Founder of the stunning Shervin Verkil range of tableware. Murray founded Shervin Verkil to fulfill his desire to offer customers’ genuine, high quality stylised new-trend diningware that they can be proud of.
The long hours spent overseas to ensure the quality of the Shervin Verkil creations were well worth it. The finished dining ware arriving in Australia, together with the wonderful acceptance and encouragement from customers and the hospitality industry is an accomplishment that Murray is extremely proud and happy with.

Where Soul Meets Functionality

Meet Tatiana, our beautiful creator over at Softer + Wild. Tatiana started the brand in 2016 and with a background in graphic design and fine art, she has always been involved in making, arranging and creating. It all started with making a set of designs, which was called WILDLIFE back in 2011, featuring mostly folklore patterns and geometrical shapes. But back then the idea had to be put on hold and as it slowly unfolded, Tatiana fully focused on creating and developing the products. The inspiration has always been in the imagery to bring to live the idea of bringing some sensory pleasure and added homeliness in the home.

Softer + Wild was the chosen brand name to embrace the individuals in Tatiana and her co-founder but it also sought to convey the nature of their creations; hardworking items, but with a soft soul.

Inspirational Creations

Julia moved to Sydney 10 years ago and started designing and making her own wall decals when she couldn’t find any removable ones to put up on the walls of her rental apartment. Starting off with a handful of wall decal designs in her ETSY store, Julia’s creations took off like a storm. She went part time in her day job as an architect and Vinyl Design has blossomed from then on.

Julia’s wall decals were also featured on The Renovators, an Australian reality renovation TV show.

Handmade, Individual And Ethically Sourced

Wildfire Engraving’s range of unique wooden chopping boards are crafted from beautiful Camphor Laurel. Among the numerous benefits of a timber board, Camphor Laurel is the best choice due to its natural antibacterial properties. Each piece is individual and different with carefully selected timber sourced locally from Northern NSW. With an option for personalisation, these ravishing boards make a precious gift for any momentous occasion.

From Humble Beginnings

With beginnings in a little garden shed in Amsterdam, to being sold in London’s most iconic and prestigious Harrods, Dutch leather brand WITLOFT’s artisanal style leather aprons are a must-have for the discerning home chef. Each apron is 100% leather with hides sourced in the Netherlands, and vegetable tanned with only the best possible products. As the leather ages beautifully over time with wear, each piece bears the wearer’s mark making it a centrepiece for storytelling. WITLOFT aprons offer an eye-catching, functional and high-quality product for both work and play.