Simple Dining Table Centrepiece Ideas

Rustic table centerpiece

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Simple Dining Table Centrepiece Ideas That Will Transform Your Dining Experience

We are always all about making extraordinary moments out of every day.

Centrepieces aren’t just for weddings and big events. The right touch of fun and whimsy to your table at home can transform any dining experience into something special. And then whether you are using your table or not, you can have it looking beautiful and inviting any time of day.

There are no rules around how fancy or casual to make your decorations, just follow your heart and your personal style. But it helps to consider the size and shape of your table as well as where you’ll be seating your guests when you are designing your centrepiece.

If you are still stuck for ideas after reading this article, Pinterest is always a great source of inspiration as well.

Here are 10 simple dining table centrepiece ideas that are certain to transform your dining experience.

10 Simple Dining Table Centrepiece Ideas

Fresh Greenery

Fresh flowers always look and smell lovely, but they need a higher level of maintenance than what you might be willing to put in every day. 

A gorgeous alternative is a living plant, some succulents or a quirky terrarium that will give your dining table some life and greenery no matter what meal you are enjoying. A collection of small matching pots with living plants works beautifully as well.

mini succulent garden in glass terrarium

Borrow Some Wedding Ideas

You could steal an idea or two from wedding decor, and fashion a rustic centrepiece from a silver bucket or wooden plant box – fill it with some plants or fruit, and add a cute touch with fairy lights.

You could also double a rustic container as a holder for your cutlery and napkins.

Interesting Candleware

Candlesticks are wonderful for romantic dinners, but provide just as much ambience for family meals or dinner with friends. Look right out of the standard candlestick box however and find something completely unique and stunning – something that none of your guests has seen before.

table centerpiece with flowers on natural background, dinner

A Collection of your Favourite Items

If you enjoy travelling or antiquing then you will no doubt have collected a range of interesting pieces over the years. Why not put together a simple collection of objects for your centrepiece, using a central theme, style, material or colour to bring them together? Remember that collections of objects work best in odd numbers.

A Magical Mirror

Lay a mirror out as a tray or base, and then scatter a few small objects such as pretty dishes or tea light candles. When the candles are lit, the mirror adds an extra touch of magic.

Earthly Objects

Earthly objects and pieces look wonderful on a clean dining table, and help to connect you and your diners to nature whether your table is indoors or out. You might look for an intriguing wooden bowl or something made from stone, or perhaps use a piece of driftwood or collection of pinecones. This stunning gumleaf shaped serving board is lovely as a cheeseboard or to serve fruit or desserts, but also looks wonderful as a centrepiece with a few small plants or tea lights positioned on it – We have a range of bamboo tableware sets that will be perfect for your kitchen.
Close up of Gumleaf Hardwood Serving Board

Showcase Sculpture

Look for a piece of sculpture from a local or Australian artist, such as this amazing piece by Italian designer Andreas Seegatz.

This creates a beautiful minimalist effect and works best when you keep the rest of the table clean, clear and minimalist too. 

Bugatti Ninnananna Fruit Bowl in black

Make a Focal Piece from a Matching Set

Find a beautiful tea set and highlight this as your centrepiece. The more intricate and interesting, the better. Traditional tea sets can look like incredible works of art themselves because of the details and number of shapes and matching pieces. You could go for a number of styles including traditional English tea service, a Japanese tea set or even some gorgeous tinted glass from the Middle East.

Go Monochrome

Choose one colour and showcase this using a number of vases or other items, this creates a sophisticated look that is organised and cohesive. Black and metallics work really well for this, or you could look into various different shades of one colour such as greens or blues.

A Different Use for Reading Material

Books make for great conversation pieces when displayed on coffee tables – why not start the same conversation with your dinner guests? Pull together a small collection of beautiful coffee table style books, or even a stack of vintage novels to really get people talking – you could use a couple as a base for a sweet vase or small pot plant.

stack of coffee table books

Final Thoughts on Table Centrepieces

The best thing with creating a centrepiece is that there are no rules. Have a play around with items you have at home, things you find in the local second hand store or art galleries, or take a leisurely browse through our online items, and you are certain to create something that will have your table brimming with personality, gorgeousness and that warm invitation!

With Happy Food Vibes,

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