Grazing Table Trends for 2020

Grazing Table Trends

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Grazing Tables: The Party Must-Have

If you’re looking to put something together at your next party that not only looks amazing but tastes great, then you’re in the right spot.

Grazing tables have become a popular staple at parties and events over the past few years and people are loving the edge that they bring. Not only do they look great with their design and the meticulous placing of various foods, it gives your guests the opportunity to indulge in a variety of foods without feeling overly full. 

Grazing tables started to become popular with the design that included different cheeses, biscuits and cold meats. This gave people a chance to snack on the different delights and still be able to enjoy moving around the party.

Now that we are in 2020, grazing tables are still as popular as ever and the trend is catching on. There are more and more different grazing table businesses starting up and there are a lot of different options available when it comes to choosing what is on your table.

The global pandemic may have paused our dinner party plans but now that the regulations have eased in Australia, it’s time to unpack those special dinner plates, dust off that cocktail dress and roll with a bit of merrymaking once again. We’ve put together a list of the trendy grazing tables that are bound to be gracing your parties and events for the rest of 2020!

How To Make a Grazing Platter

When attempting to bring your grazing table to life, you must first learn how to make a grazing platter. Our list contains everything important from a tropical twist inspired table, to the ever popular meat and cheese tables – Our wonderful trends are listed below.

A Taste of The Tropics

A tropical grazing table consists of mainly fruits and is a popular choice for those who want to no tonly have a colourful, exciting look to their event but also want to keep it healthy and refreshing.

The tropical grazing table consists of cut up fruits of many different varieties including watermelon and other melons, pineapple, grapes and berries.

The colours all contrast well and provide a beautiful refreshing look.

Beautiful grazing platter with an array of fresh accompaniments

Meats and Cheeses

The meats and cheeses simple grazing table or platter is a popular choice for any event that you are holding.

It consists of different cuts of cold meats, an assortment of different tasting cheeses and accompanied by a variety of crackers and dips to tantalise differing taste buds.

This is possibly the most popular choice given the popularity of the cheese platter. We can’t say no to a carefully selected array of cheeses, cold cuts and crackers, especially when accompanied with that perfect glass of wine. If you’re after more tips about how to work with cheeses, jump on over to my blog post on ‘Creating The Perfect Cheese Board’.

Cold meats and cheese platter

Go Mexican

A Mexican grazing table can be considered as a ‘build your own bar’ where there are different spiced meats, salads and your choice of hard or soft tacos and burritos.

With everything beautifully set out in different bowls you can walk along adding different ingredients to your taco or burrito and finish with a product that is full of all your favourites.

Most importantly, fon’t forget the guacamole!

Something For The Sweet Tooth

Once upon a time, candy bars were very popular, for their look and variety. Now you can go one step further and create a sweet’s grazing table.

You can choose to have a certain colour scheme or you can opt for variety that looks different and stands out. 

Topped with different lollies, chocolates, cakes and desserts – a sweets grazing table will be a hit with anyone who lays their eyes, and tastebuds on it.

High Tea Right At Home

For those who want to keep elegance to their event but still take advantage of the popularity of grazing tables, than a high tea table might be the option for you.

The table can be arranged with mini sandwiches, bite sized cakes and macaroons and even a tea dispenser at the end so you have a warm beverage to wash it all down with.

Using lace or pastel colours for decoration, matched with a beautiful floral table centrepiece, you’ll be hosting with royal charm and elegance in the comforts of your home. 

High tea inspired grazing table

Play With Colours

Instead of choosing a certain type of food to have on your grazing platter, a creative alternative is to select foods that are all within the same colour group.

If you have a colour theme to your event then you’ll have the perfect excuse to create that same colour palette on your grazing table. Think blues, reds, greens and the plethora of colourful foods that you could get to create that visual fest. Least to say, you’ll have some Insta-worthy photos to drool over after – This trend is both smart and aesthetically pleasing, providing you with the perfect simple grazing table idea.

And there you go!  I am a huge fan of grazing tables and platters as it’s a level up from the traditional buffet. It gives the host the ability to get creative and it gives our guests the opportunity to try different foods. And the best thing about it all is that conversations are sparked around a grazing table amongst both friends and strangers. Now isn’t that the best way to get acquainted with other guests? I think it very well is!


With Happy Food Vibes,

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