How to Mix and Match Your Tableware in 2020

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Mixing and Matching Your Tableware in 2020

Entertaining at home and cooking with love for your family and friends is one trend that will never grow old.

In 2020, there are some stunning new looks in serving and tableware that would look incredible on every table. Entering into the new decade, we are as excited as ever about creating a storm in the kitchen and then serving it in some gorgeous tableware in a space that is the heart of your home.

It is very tempting to buy all new pieces every year, especially when they look and feel as good as these, but it’s probably a bit more realistic to only buy a few special items and then mix and match them with the pieces you already have and love.

This is one of the great joys of serving food – the eclectic experience of fusion, or flavours, scents, dinnerware and dinner guests, where variety is always key.

Here are some of our favourite tips for mixing and matching new tableware in 2020:

Share Eating

Grazing platters and communal eating are still popular, not just for special occasions and dinner parties, but for everyday eating as well. We love a multi-purpose piece like this wooden board from Gypsy Cat Designs which not only looks stunning, but can be used to serve up all sorts of tasty grazing ingredients such as crusty bread and fat salty olives.

The Magic of Texture

You can put your own personal twists and individual touches on everything. Tableware isn’t just about how it makes the food look – it is a total sensory experience. We choose tableware sets that feel good in our hands and that make the food taste sensational in our mouths. Shape, weight and texture are all very important when it comes to making the right choices for plating up.

Eco-Friendly Choices

We are becoming more sustainable and environmentally-conscious in all our household choices, and tableware is no different, with newer pieces becoming increasingly multifunctional and also eco-friendly.

Bamboo trays and serving ware are being promoted by a number of designers because they are a greener option and still able to look great on the table. Wooden items also mix beautifully with other textures and finishes such as glass, pottery, bronze, stainless steel and gold, such as these extraordinary cutlery sets from Fansee Australia.

Single-use items are on the out and being replaced by sophisticated new takes on simple items such as stainless steel straws and gorgeous print napkins and tea towels like this Scandi-inspired one from Softer + Wild.

Rustic Pieces

Earthenware and stoneware are still enjoying their resurgence in homes because of the rustic look and excellent durability. This kind of tableware is tough but has a lovely handmade finish, with a speckled pattern and colours that vary slightly from piece to piece.

Unique Colours and Patterns

Did you know that hot chocolate tastes sweeter when enjoyed from an orange cup? Bizarre, but true.

Tableware colours are staying away from the traditional, and make any dinner look like a party. We love settings in tones such as orange or coral, blues and greens, and about fifty shades of grey. Earthy comfort food looks great on deeper colours such as dark blues, rich reds and forest greens.

Portuguese and South American patterns are popular and always fun, and we are noticing a lot of Japanese patterns and pottery as well. We are also seeing a resurgence in vintage and French provincial styled dinnerware such as blue striped or white textured.

It’s a good idea if you are using bold patterned pieces to alternate them with complementary plain or solid colour pieces for a modern look.

We love the alternate mix of marble-patterned pieces such as these Reve Ciel dinner plates with plain pieces in soft dusky greys, blues or pastel pinks.

We are always looking for those standout pieces with a focus on original decoration – these are the sorts of things that we keep and treasure for years.

Tiny Desserts

While mains tend to be share-style, we still enjoy the exquisite daintiness of individual desserts. The tableware in 2020 supports how decadent and professional-like our dessert plating-up has become.

Now every home should be boasting at least one beautiful cake stand (and usually several of different heights) as well as a set of exotic looking wine goblets like these from Lumiere Arrosee just for serving individual desserts to our lucky guests.

Move away from plain circular dishes and into the creative delight of irregular curves such as ovals, misshaped circles and perfectly imperfect stoneware such as the breathtaking Rania collection.

Choose Well and Dine Happy

Make your selections careful and considered. Think about the type of food you like to cook and serve, and also the style of dining you enjoy most at your house. Everyday eating doesn’t have to be just practical (i.e. bland), you can find lovely looking dinner sets and serving pieces that stand out while still being great for regular household use.

Look for pieces that sing with your individual style, and that make you happy when you see them and especially when you use them. And don’t be afraid to let that gorgeous personality of yours shine through!

With Happy Food Vibes,

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