Christmas Gift Ideas for Home Cooks and Entertainers

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas home cooks and people who love to entertain, we have a specially selected shopping list from our favourite sellers to make your shopping easy. Each piece is handcrafted and truly exceptional, guaranteed to get your gift recipient asking, ‘Where did you get this?’
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A Hand-Picked Selection of Beautiful Gift Ideas

Say ‘good-bye’ to crowd-jostling while listening to endless repeats of ‘Jingle Bells’ at the shopping centre for you this Christmas. We have hand-picked a shopping list of our favourite pieces from our wonderful sellers, and everything on it can be bought through our shop and delivered right to your doorstep. If you are searching for the perfect Christmas gift for people who love to cook and entertain, this is the definitive list for you.

Home cooks and gourmet foodies can sometimes be difficult to buy for, because they are discerning when it comes to quality. They treat their food with such respect that the utensils, cookware and serving dishes they use need to be of a very high standard.

You don’t need to worry about that however when buying Christmas gifts through home cook love – absolutely every single piece is of impeccable quality and style. When you are looking for something that looks wonderful and is an extraordinary kind of find, we have the perfect range of Christmas gift ideas for you.

Your home cook friend would be enamoured with any of the gifts on this list. Your biggest problem might be choosing just one gift (or not picking up a little something extra for yourself at the same time!).  Lookout for our ‘Early Bird Christmas Special’ coupon code within the blog for a 20% off selected products purchased before the 1 Dec. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Precious and Inviting Servingware

These dishes from Fansee are some of the most stunning servingware we have ever seen. With an incomparable use of colour, they will make every dish and every table look restaurant quality. But they are sweet and simple enough to make every meal a celebration to be shared.

Enjoy an early bird special with 20% off Fansee Australia products on purchases before Dec 1. Use ebc20 as your coupon code on checkout.

When the food served is big, bright and bold, these plates from Shervin Verkil are perfect. The rustic yet sophisticated look of them will suit any dining occasion from formal fancy dinners to relaxed and shared family meals. There is a 20% early bird discount to customers who buy from Shervin Verkil before Dec 1 as well, just a little added incentive! Use ebc20 as your coupon code on checkout.

For The Prettiest Tabletop Setting

If you have a friend who loves a perfectly set table, especially if they love a long lazy brunch or a fancy high tea, then these ‘Susa’ square napkin holder rings from Anna Vasily are ideal. Luscious and rose gold and white in colour, the intricate detail in the design is distinctive and lovely. If you are buying for someone who has refined and classic taste, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous 24 piece silver cutlery set from Shervin Verkil. Sleek and sophisticated, they feel luxurious and weighty in your hand, and will raise any meal to the next level. These will go wonderfully on any table and are one of our most popular sellers. Enjoy a 20% early bird discount on all Shervin Verkil creations before Dec 1. Use ebc20 as your coupon code on checkout.

Anyone who loves to serve dinner or host parties would adore these Pino wine glasses from Magisso. The original shape is exceptional and functional at the same time, making them look lovely on a formal dining table, or handy for use when your bestie comes around for a drink and a catch-up. You will find these glasses so perfect you will find it difficult not to buy a set as a little Christmas gift for yourself at the same time!

Lovely for a formal dining setting, but especially great for casual meals and family get-togethers, these pretty-in-pink cotton napkins from Softer + Wild make a very easy gift. Hand screen printed with a rustic design, there is a relaxed and organic feel to the napkins which will delight anyone who receives them. Enjoy a 20% early bird discount special if you purchase any Softer+Wild creations before the 1 Dec. Use ebc20 as your coupon code on checkout.

Gorgeous and Elegant Tableware

This beautifully versatile bowl from Lush for Life has a thousand uses and will lift the look of any corner of the home where it is displayed. The blue and white pattern is hand-painted and every one is one of a kind. The detailing in the porcelain finish is intricate and just divine, with a timeless elegance that goes with many decors, from modern and minimalist to beachy or eclectic.

The subtle colour and graceful design of this serving platter from Sally Gordon makes it a versatile gift and well suited to many people in your life. Anyone who enjoys serving or entertaining will relish this lovely platter, suitable for cheese, tapas, canapes, biscuits or dessert. Handcrafted in Southern Ice porcelain you can choose from two designs. Perfect for that cheese platter on Christmas Eve! Enjoy a 20% early bird discount special on all Sally Gordon Ceramics if you purchase before the 1 Dec.  Use ebc20 as your coupon code on checkout.

For Something A Little Different

Even if you are unsure of the recipient’s favourite cuisine or cooking style, you can never go wrong with a good-quality pepper grinder. This one from Neotus has been designed to capture the eye; each one from their collection of modern pepper mills is hand-crafted from a single piece of fine American walnut or cherry wood. We love the idea of pairing it with the gift of some lovely spices such as Himalayan rock salt.

Not quite sure about your person’s home décor or what they already have in their kitchen? Then this apron from Softer + Wild is the ideal simple gift. Handy for any kind of cook or baker, it can also be used for people who enjoy art and craft, gardening, and any kind of fun, messy project. The modern, classy print raises this apron to high fashion levels. Enjoy a 20% early bird discount special on us if you purchase any creations from Softer + Wild  before the 1 Dec. Use coupon code ebc20 on checkout.

And if you like the idea of an apron, but want to raise the bar even higher, you must check out this gorgeous artisanal-style ladies leather apron from WITLOFT. The leather will age beautifully over time with wear, becoming a truly personal piece to each owner, and a centrepiece for storytelling in years to come. Enjoy a 20% early bird discount special on us if you purchase any WITLOFT products before the 1 Dec. Use coupon code ebc20 on checkout.
Use  coupon code ‘ebc10′ at checkout to enjoy a 10% off Deejo table knives*. Use coupon code ‘ebc20′ at checkout to enjoy 20% off all Shervin Verkil, Fansee Australia, Softer + Wild, Vinyl Design, Sally Gordon Ceramics, Edmondo Kids and WITLOFT products. *Discount codes apply to purchases made on before the 1 Dec 2018, and is not exchangeable for cash. 10% discount applies only to Deejo tableknives, ‘Art Deco’ and ‘Blosson’ tableknives, and is not applicable to the ‘Classic’ and ‘Black’ pocket knives.

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