The Best Father’s Day Gifts for The Foodie Dad

Fathers Day Presents for the Foodie Dad

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Growing Up With A Foodie Dad

I grew up in a family that’s huge on our food. Being Singaporeans by birth, that shouldn’t come across as too much of a surprise! However, there is a bit of a twist in my story…

I was raised primarily by my grandparents as Mum and Dad were in their mid-20s when they had me and were busy setting up their careers. Mum was also a midwife and worked crazy shifts, so most of my meals were attended to by Grandma. Mum wasn’t that much of a cook either. She had two dishes that she
did really well; a wicked curry chicken and a rice vermicelli stir fry.
Mum would only really cook when she felt compelled to. My Dad on the other hand, is an awesome cook and he relishes being in the kitchen.

Dad has an amazing repertoire of dishes that he makes. From a simple veggie stir fry to the infamous Singapore Chilli Crab, that man definitely has his way around the wok and the kitchen. I’m very thankful that I could still hit up Dad any day for a recipe or two when I’m feeling less than inspired in the kitchen.

With Fathers’ Day  just around the corner, I’ve put together a gift guide of goodies that will make the foodie Dads in your world light up and his heart sing.

The Most Essential Kitchen Tool

The kitchen knife is the most essential and important element to any kitchen. Without a sharp and reliable knife that makes the perfect cut each and every time, time in the kitchen can feel like a drag each time.

The Bugatti Trattoba and Bugatti Trattoria knife blocks are possibly the most handsome knife blocks I’ve ever seen. With a set of 5 stainless steel knives and an accompanying ash wood cutting board, these blocks are made with Italian precision and sophistication.

Dad will fall head over heels with these knife blocks, and he’ll love using them each time he’s carving his beautiful Sunday roast.

Bugatti Trattoria Ergo Knife Block
Bugatti Trattoria Ergo Knife Block

A Regal Cutlery Set

A cutlery set is much more than just utility. A great cutlery set should feel the right weight and sit comfortably in your hands. Dad is going to love dining with the ‘Beauty’  24 Piece Cutlery Set by Shervin Verkil, and sharing precious conversations with his loved ones around the dinner table.

With a 100 year trust assurance warranty and forged with a mirrored stainless steel finish, this little ‘Beauty’ shows Dad how special he is by making his dining experiences at home a little more luxurious and sophisticated.

Lifestyle product shot of Shervin Verkil Beauty Range of cutlery set on a black cloth on a tabletop
'Beauty' 24 Piece Cutlery Set

For The Whiskey Lover

My two most special men have one love (three actually, me and the kids included!) in common, and boy have they bonded many a-time over one of their common loves And this particular love is the love for J.W. Otherwise, known affectionately as Johnny Walker.

They both love their whiskies and have had many fond memories over a glass or two of that oaky golden liquid.

If the special men in your life share in the joy of lounging with a tipple of whiskey in their hands, then these handsome sets whiskey decanter and glasses are for them. Made of highest quality lead-free glass, the set stores and serves the spirit to enhance its oaky aroma and flavour so that they could soak in the aromas with every sip of their favourite whisky.

For The One Who Loves His Cheeses

My husband is Dutch and loves all things cheese, and the stinkier the better! I know a few mates who’re Dads and are fully into their wine and cheeses too. There’s no better present for the stinky cheese lovers in your life than a handmade wooden cheese board hand sculpted to honour the quintessential Australian surf longboard.

Beautifully designed and crafted from solid Australian hardwood, this divine hardwood serving platter embraces casual entertaining in the true, laid back Australian way of life. Possessing warm timber grain features with a super-smooth finish, this generous-sized serving board is going to make dinners Dad an occasion to look forward to when accompanied by his favourite cheese platter.

A Most Handsome Set of Knives

When my husband was shown this set of knives, he was immediately blown away by its sheer uniqueness and beauty. He had never seen a set of dinner knives with designs on the blade, and so lightweight. Most importantly, these knives slice through a perfectly cooked piece of steak like butter.


This set of 4 table knives beautifully reveal their timeless geometric patterns with a perfect design fusion of tradition and modernity. With two other styles to choose from, the  Deejo table knives and the  Deejo ‘Blossom’ would make any get-together with family and friends an extra special one to remember for Dad.

If Dad or the love of your life is into the great outdoors, he’ll love a Deejo pocket knife. These knives each carry a distinguished and unique design. Each knife folds and fits snugly into pockets, ideal for camping, fishing and BBQs under the blanket of stars.

Deejo 'Classic' foldable Pocket Knife_'Art Nouveau' standing
Deejo Art Nouveau Pocket Knife
Lifestyle shot of Deejo art decor knives on table setting
Deejo Art Deco Table Knife Set

Lastly, to all Dads and Grandads out there, foodie or not, thank you all for everything that you do, and particularly in a tumultuous time that is 2020. As for my Dad, thank you for all of your lessons in life and in the kitchen.

With Happy Food Vibes,

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